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“Tami’s meditations are perfect! I love the sound of her voice. It makes me feel calm. If I listen to her meditations at night I always fall straight to sleep afterwards because I feel so peaceful. ‘Calm, Calmer and more Calm’ is how I’d explain how they make me feel.


10 years old

“Tami, We are incredibly blessed to have connected with you and your new Children’s Meditations. They are fantastic! Being parents of a child with ASD and high levels of anxiety, we can’t thank you enough for helping bring calm to her and the whole house. Biggest decision now is selecting which one to choose first as they are all favourites.”

Caroline and Liam

Grateful parents

“Dear Tami, Thank you for helping me learn to meditate. Your recordings help me to be calm andI feel part of the adventures. Butterflies and Unicorns is my favourite but Magic Dragon is a close second. I look forward to some new meditations.”

Alice M

6 years old