Peace Begins in You

by | Aug 12, 2016 | Mindset, Peace, Tami

Who here has had the experience of waking up feeling good, your morning is running smoothly and maybe you have had time for some exercise (and for me meditation) and you’re on cloud nine?  You know today is going to be a good day.

And then you turn on the news and/or radio or grab the newspaper and read about the current state of the world, local crime, the latest murder, weather patterns, etc… and you feel all of that positive energy being drained right out of you.

What happened?

Why did something as simple as that impact your mood and your energy levels?

I mean why would ‘hearing’ about the latest current events impact you so much?  We are bombarded by news and information daily, hourly, and minute-to-minute each and every day.  Every one of us is subject to it and yet who questions why it has such a big impact on us?

The effect is real because we are all interconnected.  What happens to one of us is literally ‘felt’ by all.  Our humanity is impacted because at the root of every person we all want to experience happiness, peace and love.

The very idea for this blog came from reading a simple wish that said, “One day, I would like to turn on the news and hear, there’s Peace on Earth.”

The negative news around us makes us doubt that it is possible and that we don’t have much chance of experiencing peace with the way world events are playing out and for that matter, SOME peoples choices to engage is acts that are incredibly violent or harmful to another human being.

Notice I have said SOME people.  Not all people, only some people.

The minority is having a great impact on the majority of people with these careless acts but it does not mean that we don’t have the ability to impact our lives positively and thus impact the lives of those around us!

When things are playing out in the world that make me feel as if all is chaos I try to remember and embrace some simple truths~

I AM responsible for my words, deeds, actions and thoughts! 

I am able to choose whether or not I watch the news.

I am able to choose whether I will respond to the news I have heard by ‘feeding the fear’ with negative thoughts.

I am able to offer kindness to another any given day with something as simple as a hello or a smile.

I AM responsible for the energy I bring into a space.

I am’ unable’ to control another person’s thoughts, words, deeds and actions.

I am able to tap into the power of prayer.

What is the greatest risk to any of us going through these challenging times?  It is losing hope and letting fear win.  Do you stay inside, avoid crowds, stop travelling, as I have heard some people suggest?

Ask yourself; Will living with restrictions prevent more ‘bad news’ from happening?

Will living an existence that is full of fear help you?  Does it change anything?  Will it have more of a negative impact on your life and the lives of family, friends and community (we are all interconnected).

Or will living your life to the fullest have more benefits?

The reward for being positive rather than negative is far greater than you can imagine.

Living from a space of joy will bring greater happiness not only to you but to others as well.  You will foster greater peace and contentment within your being and you will exude an energy that people gravitate towards because you are positive.

From where I stand, I feel focusing on a solution rather than focusing on the problem is a much better choice.

‘Like energy attracts’– positivity attracts more positivity, negativity attracts more negativity.   Exponentially each and every one of us can do something today that will help our self, help others and help the planet just by choosing to be ‘helpful, kind, responsible, positive, caring, compassionate, hopeful, benevolent, etc…

And at the end of the day, if after my best efforts I am struggling with being positive then I choose to hand it over to a higher power and pray.

I pray for the world I wish to see; a world that is filled with love, peace on earth, and kindness to all.


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