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Creating A More Harmonious, Calm, Inspiring and Creative Environment In Your Family’s Home

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After privately coaching over 400+ families worldwide on meditation, mindfulness and well-being over the past 20 years, I’ve designed Sandcastles as a complete, holistic platform full of unique videos and ideas to engage, calm and inspire your child.

With research-based techniques, this membership is specifically designed for children aged 4-12 and their parents.

With Sandcastles Membership You Will Have Access To:

Coaching Experience

Private access to an empowerment master who has 20+ years of meditation and coaching experience.

Deep Relaxation

Help your child fall asleep with more ease through experiencing deep relaxation meditations.

Calming Meditations

Instant access to a series of calming meditations for your children from 4-12 years old.

Peaceful Sanctuary

Learn how to create your own peaceful sanctuary at home for you and your child.

How To’s

Discover how to create a “Gratitude Jar” and “Nightlight” for your child which fosters feeling of positivity and a sense of safety.

On-Demand Webinars

Access to on-demand webinars from world leading experts and speakers on nutrition, your child’s mental health, autism, yoga at home, dealing with grief and many more.

Online Community

Access to an online community to connect with other like-minded parents and share stories of struggle and success.

Downloadable Resources

Downloadable resources on nutrition, health, and well-being – so you and your family are fully equipped to foster lifelong coping and emotional resilience skills.

Build A Deeper, More Connected Relationship With Your Child And Create An Environment At Home Full Of Calm, Inspiration, Peace and Creativity

Hi, I’m Tami Roos PhD,

As a mother, I know first hand how challenging life can be juggling the many demands we have personally and professionally.

As parents we often find ourselves under pressure navigating this balance and feeling like we are always one step behind or trying to ‘find the energy’ to do the next item on the ‘to do’ list.

Feeling depleted ourselves or ‘out of balance’ often plays havoc with our deepest desires as parents – to build a nurturing and caring environment where everyone feels happy and more at peace.

Our children are our number one priority and their happiness and wellbeing is always of primary concern.

The adage we are only ever as happy as our unhappiest child applies here.

What if I told you that one of the simplest ways to cultivate a happier and healthier environment in your home is to pause and take a time-out?

That by consistently following some simple practices you will increase your energy and vitality, build resilience, experience more joy and have a deeper sense of wellbeing?

Building a ‘wellness toolkit’ as a family that empowers everyone is a powerful ally for your children. Feeling safe, supported and loved is a fundamental cornerstone of deeper connection and happiness.

Your children can not only learn but embrace these powerful principles and techniques and enhance every area of their lives.

Try for free for 14 days, cancel any time..

How can you keep your children engaged, happy and sleeping peacefully throughout the night without the technological crutch of iPads, television and games?

‘Sandcastles’ is my new online platform and community that I have created to support parents and children.

It is a place for you and your child to reconnect with yourselves and each other.

To embrace new ways of winding down each night, to practice being more present and to encourage resilience in the face of adversity.

With a series of gentle, step-by-step meditations told in a storytelling format, you will feel empowered to guide your child toward more calm, courage, creativity and hope.

As has been the case with many of our community, settling down for a meditation may well become their favourite part of the day.

Meditation & Mindfulness can be fun!

You will also gain instant access to a world of creative resources, educational videos and webinars from leading experts in children’s wellbeing, development and spiritual health. By joining the community today, you will have a host of meditations to experience together. It’s something that can’t be outsourced – the best way to teach a child to be mindful is to embody the practice oneself.

Here’s what Tami’s clients have to say about Sandcastles community:

“Tami’s meditations are perfect! I love the sound of her voice. It makes me feel calm. If I listen to her meditations at night I always fall straight to sleep afterwards because I feel so peaceful. ‘Calm, Calmer and more Calm’ is how I’d explain how they make me feel.


10 years old

“Tami, We are incredibly blessed to have connected with you and your new Children’s Meditations. They are fantastic! Being parents of a child with ASD and high levels of anxiety, we can’t thank you enough for helping bring calm to her and the whole house. Biggest decision now is selecting which one to choose first as they are all favourites.”

Caroline and Liam

Grateful parents

“Dear Tami, Thank you for helping me learn to meditate. Your recordings help me to be calm andI feel part of the adventures. Butterflies and Unicorns is my favourite but Magic Dragon is a close second. I look forward to some new meditations.”

Alice M

6 years old

For just $30 per month, you will have complete access to the entire membership platform.


This includes over 12+ (and counting) guided meditations told in the format of a story and a host of creative and calming activities (like how to make your own gratitude jar/nightlight).

Try for free for 14 days, cancel any time..

For just $1 USD per day, you will discover a whole new way of interacting with your child and deepening their emotional understanding as well as your connection.

To get started, choose your option below and receive a 2-week free trial!

Simply choose which option works best for you and follow the steps to have complete access to the platform.

With the first 2 weeks free, you will get the opportunity to test the program with your child before any money is taken out of your account.

With an option to cancel at any time, what do you have to lose?

Any change and evolution takes a first step. If any of what you have read so far resonates or sounds at all appealing, try it.

If you see no results or change, or if your child simply isn’t interested, you can cancel at any time.

I am confident you and your child will gain so much value from the program that after two weeks you will undoubtedly want to continue!

The final step is simple.

Choose your package, enter your details and join the magical world of Sandcastles!

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Try for free for 14 days, cancel any time..

Private access to an empowerment master who has 20+ years of meditation and coaching experience.

Instant access to a series of calming meditations for your children from 4-12 years old, such as “Butterflies & Unicorns” – a meditation for relaxation, “Pot of Gold” – fostering clarity and imagination, “Magic Dragon” – fostering courage and resilience, “Flying Carpet” – designed to nurture your child’s state of calm.

Video guide on ‘at home’ crafts for you and child to participate and connect over.

How to create, like a ‘Sandcastle’, your own peaceful sanctuary at home for you and your child.

Relaxing sleep routines for you and your child.

Access to on-demand webinars from world leading experts and speakers on nutrition and the impact of your child’s mental health, autism, yoga at home for parents, and dealing with grief.

Instant access to an online community to connect with other like minded parents

15+ downloadable resources on nutrition, health, and wellbeing..

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